Many of our clients come to us to discuss their child support issues, whether they feel they are paying too much, or they don’t think they are getting enough to ensure their children have the best futures. Since we specialize in compassionate family law, we know exactly when to modify your child support.


Here’s how to tell if your child support needs modification.


If you have an outdated child support calculation that does not reflect your current financial situation, then you might need child support modification.


If you are newly unemployed or have lost a source of income, then you will be suited for child support modification as well.


Also, if your child’s financial future seems to be at risk, it is worth revisiting your child support plan to see if there is a way to find the support your child needs.


You will require evidence of:

  • Your earnings and expenses
  • Any child-care expenses
  • Healthcare insurance
  • Your level of impairment
  • Unemployment compensation
  • Retirement income
  • Your current custody/visitation arrangements


Following a review of the details presented by you and the other parent, your local agency will evaluate whether a revision is required and, if so, will decide on a new level of support. In general, a modification may be approved if the support order changes by 20% or $50, whichever is less.


If you and the other party can reach an agreement on the amount of support ahead of time, you can sign a “Stipulated Agreement” that must be filed with the court — many (but not all) child support organizations can assist you in drafting this agreement. If no agreement is reached, you will be served with a summons to appear in court for a hearing at which a judge or commissioner will determine the amount.


If the other party lives in another state, your child support agency may have to request that the other state undertake a review and make a change request.


Many child support calculations are not totally fair or accurate when first determined. This can be because people forget certain expenses or fail to mention a secondary source of income.


If you want help with your child support modification, contact the Law Offices of Stuart E. Williams today. A compassionate family law attorney is only a call away.