Work-related injury has a broader area of coverage than just getting injured on the job. If you are in doubt about whether your injury is covered, we have some brief tips and information to clear it up. Here are a few to be aware of.


Workers’ compensation and on-the-job injuries


Work compensation makes a massive impact on your recovery and financial stability. Take consideration to the general rule for what’s covered in your work, as well as what may be unique to your industry. Generally, harmful exposure or overuse injuries are most common. You’ll see these at factories often or machine shops. Given the strain of the work and chemicals on hand, they happen often. These are of course covered. However, whenever the job involves travel, you have to be more careful.


Injury during work-related travel is a grey area for some businesses. Be aware of this in your workers compensation to ensure that you are covered fairly.


Is stress-related injury covered?


Yes, psychiatric issues are covered if work is deemed to have impacted that. Take time to assess that in your behaviors as well, since few companies have resources for you to use if that is something you have pursued before.


There is such a thing as stress-leave, which can be determined by a medical diagnostic legally for compensation as well.


Have you sought out legal representation before?


Having legal representation for any injury-related proceedings is a necessity. Sometimes, with benefits, there are legal practitioners that are recommended within the company. However, not all businesses have that luxury.


For any questions you may have on how to proceed, give us a call today. We’ll learn more about how your injury came about, assess what’s covered in your company’s situation, as well as how to proceed. We’re looking forward to hearing from you soon!