Effectively handling divorces can be muddy for many couples. Having professional representation and consultation for your situation is the best course of action. Then, you have objective third parties working to mediate the situation best. Here are some tips for getting representation, what to use professional mediation for, and the overall experience you should expect.


When is it the right time to seek representation from a lawyer?


Professional mediation should sought as early on in the divorce as possible. This will allow the situation to be assessed fairly, and likely avoid any dispute once you have representation. Also, this will lay out all of the facts for your legal representative to assess from the mediation. Then, it’s easier for your legal representation to put their best foot forward with you. Otherwise, it will be a bit more grey, rather than black and white for your case.


Does it make the divorce process pass more quickly?


Regardless of how quickly the process passes through, it’ll be more painless for you. Overall, this is often far more rewarding for other divorced couples than having it be arduous and pass quickly.


Can I represent myself?


Yes, you can represent yourself. However, this is far from the best course of action. When on the stand or seeking custody in a potential divorce custody battle, you’ll want to have professional perspective. Without it, you’ll forget how emotional the circumstances can come to be in such a tight time frame. Avoid losing control of yourself emotionally in a very difficult situation and ensure that mediation occurs early on, and legal representation is found as well.


Overall, if you have any questions, seek out our consultation for more information. We will ensure you not only get the best advice for how to proceed, but what to expect of the outcome as well. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!