Accidents happen. They happen suddenly— and many times have the potential to derail our plans for the short-term (and long-term when severe enough) future. 

And then there are the medical bills that accumulate, the inability to do everyday activities, and the overall frustration with not recovering fast enough.

Recovery from an injury takes time, but it also takes a sound headspace free of the physical agitation of stress. Let our attorneys here at The Law Offices of Stuart E. Williams help you settle and litigate your accident claims. 

Here are the top 3 reasons why you should hire a personal injury lawyer when you’ve been injured in an accident:


1. They can handle all the details.


Personal injury claims tend to be complicated, and need strong evidence in order to be proven. Some examples of the evidence required include accident reports, medical records, and statements from eyewitnesses. 


2. They know how much your case is worth.


Nothing scares an insurance company more than a claimant who proceeds with hiring a personal injury lawyer— they know it means business. This increases the likelihood of them reaching a fair and timely deal with you. 


3. They will level the playing field for you. 


Insurance claim adjusters are experts in tactics that are purposely designed to limit or deny the amount of compensation you’re entitled to. An attorney will prevent the manipulation and devaluation of your case because of their knowledge of typical insurance strategy.